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The Prince Edward Island Kiwanis Music Festival Association is a non-profit organization that represents four local festivals. Our purpose is to promote and encourage growth in music through local festivals in competitive and non-competitive classes. Donations are welcome and receipts will be issued for all donations of $10.00 or more.  Our charity Registration number is BN11910 3158 RR 0001.


2020 National Festival


To enter local festivals for National Festival Classes, please follow the Provincial syllabus.





2017 National Festival Participants were  Sannu Lawt - Violin, Robyn Perry - Voice, Leah Jordan - Clarinet and Liam Payne -Piano.  See picture in Photo Gallery

2018 National Festival Participants were Spring Park Elementary School Choir Grades 4-6,  Judy Yun, Piano  Andrea Corder, Voice   See picture in Photo Gallery

2019 National Festival Participants were Mengjue Chen (PIano), Judy Yun (Violin) Andrea Corder (Voice), Johanna Vessey (Clarinet) West Kent Elementary School Grades 4-6, Justin Amador (French Horn)    See picture in Photo Gallery